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10 vegetarian African recipes you must try

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

In as much as most African dishes do feature one form of meat or fish, there are actually a good number of African vegetarian dishes that are very delicious and easy to make.

In this article we’ve listed out 10 healthy African vegetarian recipes that you should definitely try out.

1. Ful medames - North-East African beans

Check out the recipe here

This is a tasty vegan meal made of creamy fava beans and eaten as breakfast in many countries across East Africa and the Middle East.

Ful madames is basically stewed fava beans, prepared with extra virgin olive oil, seasoned with a dash of ground cumin and lemon juice, and finished with fresh veggie toppings. In Egypt, the dish is usually served with warm pita bread.

2. Shiro wot - Ethiopian dip

Check out the recipe here

Shiro is a typical Ethiopian vegan food; very healthy and delicious. The dish is prepared with well-spiced and powdered dried chickpea (shiro), peppers, onions and tomatoes. Shiro is traditionally served with a popular Ethiopian sourdough bread called Injera, but can be served with any bread, or be used as dipping sauce.

3. Akara - West African fritters

Check out the recipe here

Akara is a vegan street food popularly eaten in Brazil and some West African countries such as Nigeria. Akara is actually deep-fried bean fritters, deliciously crispy and crunchy on the outside, and soft inside.

Black-eyed peas are the most commonly used type of beans for preparing Akara. This dish is very filling and can be enjoyed as a snack or a full meal with a side of savory sauce or custard as dip. They're best enjoyed when warm and crispy.

3. Red Red - Ghanaian beans

Check out the recipe here

Red red is a popular Ghanaian dish made of black eyed peas and plantain, and cooked with palm oil or vegetable oil, scotch bonnet peppers, onions, salt and tomatoes. The dish usually appears reddish because of the palm oil, hence the name Red Red. Best served warm with a side of boiled rice or bread.

4. Ye'abesha Gomen - Ethiopian collard greens

Check out the recipe here

This is a traditional Ethiopian vegan recipe and a delicious way of enjoying your greens. Ye’abasha Gomen, Ethiopian version of Collard Greens, is a dish consisting of braised greens and kale seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices like coriander and cardamon. This dish pairs well with a lentil stew.

5. Karantika - Algerian flat bread

Check out the recipe here

Karantika is a tasty Algerian vegan recipe. The dish is a cross between a traditional pancake and a flatbread, and is made with spiced chickpea flour, olive oil and water.

Karantika is easy to prepare, and goes well with fresh, crunchy pomegranate salad.

6. Vegan Jollof Rice - West African rice

Check out the recipe here

Jollof rice is a West African staple, and is always served during parties and celebrations. It's a rice dish made with tons of fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, habanero, thyme, curry, chilli, salt, bay leaves, and stock cubes. The rice is boiled in tomato sauce until tender, garnished with carrots and green beans, and served with fried plantains or coleslaw. Jollof rice can be served as a side or eaten as the main dish.

7. Roasted Plantains

Check out the recipe here

Plantains are traditional Western African staple, and the roasted version is a popular Nigerian dish called Bole. These roasted jerk plantains are seasoned with jerk seasonings and baked, and served with stir-fried onions and peppers.

8. Awara - West African Tofu

Check out the recipe here

A favorite dish among the Hausa tribe of Northern Nigeria, Awara is basically soybeans cord or Tofu. The Tofu is cut into cubes, marinated in a spice mix and deep-fried until golden brown with a crispy exterior. It's topped with slices of bell peppers and onions.

9. African Peanut Stew

Check out the recipe here

If you like peanut butter, you'll definitely find this African Peanut soup very irresistible. Peanut soup is a staple across the cuisines of many African countries. Everything about this dish is mouthwatering, from the hearty flavors, to the irresistible color and the delicious creamy stew.

Peanut soup is made with peanut paste, tomatoes, peppers, onions and leafy greens. It's best served warm with slices of bread, boiled white rice or potatoes.

10. Atakilt Wat - Ethiopian Spiced Cabbage, Carrot & Potatoes

Check out the recipe here

A very healthy and tasty dish consisting of spiced cabbage, carrots and potatoes, and a popular side dish for Ethiopian meals. The dish is spiced with the flavorful berbere seasoning and served with Injera and steamed lentils.

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