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5 African vegetarian recipes to try

Spinach Peanut Curry - Tanzanian Mchicha

Tanzanians' favorite cuisine is mchicha. This thick, creamy vegetarian dish is typically made with leafy greens like amaranth or spinach and grated coconut, coconut milk, peanut butter, tomatoes, and onions.

To make a filling main course, serve mchicha with rice, ugali, or samp, as well as beans on the side, which are high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium. Fiber consumption naturally aids in weight loss and the prevention of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Peas and Corn - Kenyan Irio

Irio is a traditional Kenyan dish made of mashed sweet potatoes, peas, maize, and occasionally spinach. A satisfying and nutritious side dish that pairs well with stews, grilled meats, and fish.

This dish is named after an African Queen or has a symbolic meaning, but the Irio meaning is plain, and the precise translation is food in the Kikuyu language. This typical Kenyan meal has spread throughout Kenya and other regions of East Africa.

It's a substantial mix of mashed potatoes, peas, corn, and occasionally spinach that comes together to make a dish that's both substantial and nutritious. As with many African dishes, there are numerous variations, with potatoes and corn serving as the foundation. In Kenya, it's served with grilled meat called nyama na and it goes well with chicken stew.

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Beans and fried plantain - Ghanaian

The Ghanaian beans and fried plantain dish, commonly known as red red, is made by mixing cooked beans with tomato sauce and delicious fried plantain. The name red red is given to the dish because of the color the beans take when the palm oil-based stew is mixed. The preparation and cooking time is about one and a half-hour.

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Beans and corn salad - Ghanaian salad

This dish is a wonderful flavor combination, making it one of the exotic and rich recipe dishes. The dressing and everything added to make the salad give it a different and enticing taste. It is a dish highly recommended for vegetarians and even non-vegetarian. The preparation and the cooking time take less than 35 minutes.

Flavor Profile/Texture

· The typical Ghana salad has a creamy look and taste.

· It has a great crunchy taste, beautiful colors, and enchanting fragrance.

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Spinach Stew - Nigerian Efo Riro

Nigerian spinach stew called Vegetable soup, is also known as 'Efo Riro' is one of the most flavorful and delicious spinach recipes one should try out. This Nigerian spinach stew isn't your traditional spinach stew because it's loaded with flavor and a popular Yoruba dish.

Efo riro is traditionally known as a vegetable soup, that the technique of preparation is more akin to stews in the west. It is made with various local green leafy vegetables such as ‘efo shoko', ‘tete' or ‘ugwu' that is stewed and stirred in blended fried peppers. The inclusion of 'iru - a native word for fermented locust beans, is prevalent in the local Yoruba style of making this soup. Iru gives the stew a good, distinct, and flavorful edge.

This vegetable soup is traditionally made with a variety of meats or shellfish, it may be altered to appeal to both vegetarians and meat lovers without losing its rich depth of flavor.

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