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5 North African dishes to try

Moussaka - Egyptian eggplant and ground beef

Moussaka is a tasty Mediterranean dish consisting of eggplant and spiced ground meat, a favorite during parties and celebrations in Egypt.

Eggplants are grilled or roasted first and mixed with roasted garlic and put in layers into a pot. Olive oil, onions, thyme, oregano, and other herbs are added to the mix.

Key ingredients used in making this dish are eggplants, jalapeno peppers, spiced ground meat (lamb or beef), and bechamel sauce.

Recipe click here

Lamb tagine - Moroccan fruity and olive lamb stew

Time is the secret to this sweet, spicy, melt-in-the-mouth tagine of fruity lamb: You can leave the oven to do the rest of the job after a few minutes of planning, while you get on with other items. Like the recipe here? It freezes well, so it is perfect for a batch-cooking session.

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Lahma Bil Basal - Egyptian beef and onion stew

Lahma Bil Basal is a delicious, flavorful, thick stew that is very popular among Egyptian cuisines. This tasty, onion-heavy dish is simple and very easy to make.

The ingredients for Lahma Bil Basal are stewing beef, onions, bouillon cubes, salt, pepper, bay leaves, butter, water and canola oil. The meat is fried in a mixture of oil and butter, until lightly browned.

The rest of the ingredients are added, and allowed to simmer on low heat for about two hours until the beef is tender and falling apart, and the onions melted to give a rich, thick sauce.

The stew is usually served with rice, pita bread or pasta.

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Spicy Beef Harira - Moroccan spicy beef soup

With ras el hanout, harissa, and fresh cilantro, a robust, spicy beef harira soup is spiked. Top with extra olives and a dollop of creamy Greek yogurt to serve this Moroccan-inspired bowlful.

Recipe click here

Chicken Tagine - Moroccan chicken stew

You’re six ingredients away from serving this flavorsome chicken tagine for dinner. This Moroccan one-pot, an easy-to-make recipe, is a perfect way to feed the family and needs minimal washing up. Packed with seasoning it leaves a lot to be desired.

Recipe click here

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