• Angela, Digital Chef, Africa Analyst

Beans and fried plantain - Ghanaian

The Ghanaian beans and fried plantain dish, commonly known as red red, is made by mixing cooked beans with tomato sauce and delicious fried plantain. The name red red is given to the dish because of the color the beans take when the palm oil-based stew is mixed. The preparation and cooking time is about one and a half-hour.

Nutritional Composition

Rich source of Complex Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, Dietary Fiber, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Cobalamin, Iron, Saturated and Unsaturated Fats, etc.


· Two medium chopped onions

· 3 cups of cleaned and soaked overnight black-eyed peas

· One tablespoon of sugar

· 2 cup of palm oil

· Two red large bell peppers

· A large fresh tomato

· Two tablespoons of ground crayfish is optional

· One scotch bonnet or habanero pepper

· Two crushed garlic cloves


1. Remove the soaked beans from the water, carefully rinse; take proper care not to peel the beans.

2. Add the beans into a pot filled with clean water and cook.

3. Add half of the chopped onions, sugar, and salt/bouillon when the beans begin to boil.

4. Leave the beans to cook till it is soft and very well cooked. Ensure it is not mushy.

While the beans are cooking, start preparing the tomato sauce by;

1. Wash the peppers and tomatoes properly.

2. Blend them in a blender for few seconds till it is coarsely blended.

3. Sauté the remaining half of the chopped onions with the garlic (crushed) till they become translucent.

4. Pour palm oil into a saucepan over medium heat.

5. Pour and stir in the pepper/tomato sauce followed by the crayfish and the sautéed onions into the saucepan and cook till the water has evaporated and it is well fried. Turn off the heat after.

Combine the two prepared meals by;

1. Mix in the fried sauce with the cooked beans until it is well blended.

2. Fry your plantain and serve alongside the beans.

3. Enjoy.