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Brochette - Rwandan street skewer

Rwanda's national food is brochettes. It's a popular meal among locals and visitors. Goat brochettes from Rwanda are another popular street snack. If you can't get your hands on some goat meat, you can substitute beef, chicken, or fish. All of them would be genuine.

Brochettes of Rwandan goat with tomato sauce. The aroma of them cooked over an open fire is incredible. They're hard to resist, which is why they're such a popular street dish. The most popular meat is the goat, and it can also be made using goat offal, which is known as zingalo. You will not be able to consume just one brochette. Freshly cooked and expertly seasoned brochette is all you could want.

They're best served hot off the grill with the sauce that's been set aside. For a complete supper, serve them with sweet potato fries (which are equally great dipped in the sauce) and fried plantains.

Prep Time: 45 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 4


· 1 pound pork/lamb/beef/chicken cut into 1 inch chunks

· 1 quartered onion

· 5 plum tomatoes, ripe and smashed

· tomato puree (half a small can)

· Half an onion, diced

· 1 cube of bouillon Maggi

· 6 chili peppers

· Vegetable oil

· Salt to taste


1. Soak the wooden skewers in water for about 20 minutes before cooking. Alternate threading meat and 2 to 3 slices of onion onto the skewer to make the brochettes.

2. Combine the tomato puree, crushed tomatoes, diced onions, maggi, and chilies (pounded to a paste). This should yield a medium-thick sauce; adjust the consistency with a little oil and water as needed. Half of the sauce should be set aside for dipping.

3. Toss half of the sauce with the skewers in a pan and toss to coat; set aside for 30 minutes to marinate.

4. Place the skewer on the grill and cook it. Brush the sauce all over the brochettes, turning them over to get an additional sauce. They should be turned three times. Allow for 3 minutes of cooking time. Brochettes are done when they are just cooked through (approximately 10-15minutes) and have a wonderful reddish color from the sauce.

5. Serve with sweet potato fries and a dipping sauce made from the remaining sauce.

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