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Beans and corn salad - Ghanaian salad

This dish is a wonderful flavor combination, making it one of the exotic and rich recipe dishes. The dressing and everything added to make the salad give it a different and enticing taste. It is a dish highly recommended for vegetarians and even non-vegetarian. The preparation and the cooking time take less than 35 minutes.

Flavor Profile/Texture

· The typical Ghana salad has a creamy look and taste.

· It has a great crunchy taste, beautiful colors, and enchanting fragrance.

Ingredients Needed

· One diced onion

· Two diced tomatoes

· Two sliced carrots

· One small baked can of beans

· 200g of sweet corn

· One lettuce head or loose leafy lettuce

· Four medium carrots

· Four small pieces of Irish potatoes

· Two medium cucumbers

· Salad cream

· One can of tuna in water or oil (optional)

· Four sliced hard-boiled eggs (optional)

· Your choice of mayonnaise-based salad dressing

Tools Needed

· Large mixing bowl

· Chopping board

· Foil paper

· Kitchen knife

· Egg slicer

Cooking Instructions

1. Properly wash all the vegetables.

2. Thinly shred the lettuce.

3. Chop and grate the cabbage and carrots, respectively.

4. Peel and boil the potatoes and also boil with the egg.

5. Dice the boiled potatoes and with an egg slicer, slice the boiled eggs.

6. Peel and remove the seeds from the cucumber. Shred the peeled cucumber into thin strips after.

7. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces after removing its seeds.

8. Remove the water from the canned beans and corn after opening them. Pour both in separate bowls.

9. In a big salad bowl, pour in the red cabbage and lettuce, some carrot slices, beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and sweet corn, respectively.

10. To make the dish more appealing, add your egg slices on top.

11. Use the foil paper to cover the bowl and put it inside the fridge.


1. Take note not to put the salad bowl in the freezer but inside the fridge.

2. Add the salad cream only when you are ready to serve the dish. Else it will quickly turn bad.

3. It would be best if you used ripe but hard tomatoes.

4. Get a balance when you are dressing the salad in order not to overwhelm or underwhelm the salad.

5. Ensure all the ingredients are free from excess water

6. You can serve Ghanaian salad with other dishes like rice and other complementary ones. It can also stand alone as a dish.

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