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Skewered Meat - Nigerian Suya

Recipe Name : Suya

Subtitle : Skewered meat

Culture : north western Nigeria

Taste : Sweet, spicy

Preparation time : 1 hour 20 minutes

Recipe Story :

It is a popular Nigerian street food made of thin strips of meat that are seasoned, skewered, and grilled. The term “suya” can refer to the preparation technique or the resulting dish can apply to other meals such as goat and chicken. This recipe is similar in style to the suya made from fattier cut of beef called toro, which comes from the hump of the zebu cattle, found in northern Nigeria.

Ingredients :

· 500 grams of boneless beef.

· Half cup suya spice

· ¼ cup of vegetable oil

· Eight to ten skewers

· One seasoning cube


  1. Soak your skewered in water for at least twelve hours. This process ensures that your skewers do not burn during the grilling process.

  2. Wash your meats thoroughly and slice against the grain into thin pieces.

  3. Cut into small strips

  4. Loop your beef slices onto the skewers.

  5. Arrange the skewered meat in a deep dish or tray.

  6. Pour some vegetable oil into a bowl, add the seasoning cube and mix thoroughly.

  7. With a brush, brush some oil on all the meat ensuring they are well coated. The oil helps the suya spice stick to the meat, so be sure to be thorough.

  8. Dust the oil meats with suya spice, you will need to give each meats a good pat down with your fingers to ensure it sticks well, then set aside.

  9. When all the meats have been covered with the spice, arrange them on an oven rack.

  10. Place them in a pre-heated grill or oven, you will need your oven set to 200 degrees Celsius and grill on each side for thirteen to fifteen minutes.

  11. You may wish to drizzle a bit of oil on the suya sometime during the grilling process so it doesn’t end up to dry.

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